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“Nobody is an alien”.

Music can be a powerful tool to bring people together, raise spirits and hope around the world. We look at the world in 2016 and see ongoing suffering due to war and poverty. We need to remind ourselves that we are all brothers and sisters of the same world and united is stronger than divided. Whilst I’m Not An Alien is free we encourage you to consider donations to London 2 Calais, a project which organises convoys of essential supplies from London to refugees in the camp in Calais and works tirelessly day and night to provide shelter and aid to those fleeing war-torn countries.

The refugee crisis in Europe and The Middle East was one of the most prominent events in 2015 and despite decreasing media attention, it is still in the greatest need of aid. In collaboration with People’s Army, we are making this fantastic release- I’m Not An Alien free to download, however encourage you all to offer donations.

The release (produced by Mistayif) came about organically whilst collaborating with ‘The Peoples Army’. It evolved naturally into a work of art. Logic then called upon the soulful vocals of Maverick Sabre which elevated the track to another level.

Logic / Mighty Moe / Maverick Sabre – I’m Not An Alien (Produced by Mistayif)
Logic Mighty Moe Maverick Sabre

We need your support to help the track and the spread the message to go viral, share the posts and upload a video with a sign saying #imnotanalien !!!!!

Thank you for the support and we hope you enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed making it.

Samurai Sound & Peoples Army
Donate Here: Go Fund Me