On Saturday 8th October, Samurai Sound had the pleasure of hosting the 4th edition of what is now the most infamous grime producer clash- BeatBoss.

BeatBoss was founded by Mode FM’s DJ Tiatsim with the concept of giving underground grime producers due coverage. It embraces the tradition of warring in grime music; the concept came from soundcloud sends between producers. In speaking with SBTV, DJ Tiatsim said:

The first one was just meant to be for banter…What I’ve found is that since Beat Boss has come around, I feel like the level of producing has gone up. It’s inspiring and educating producers more with feedback from the judges, and giving them a bit more direction.

The format is a series of sound clashes between producers, split down what this looks like is: qualifying rounds online, then live on the night- quarter final, semi final and final round. The quarter final requires 3 dubs that can be new or old. The second round is a remix round where artists pick 3 tracks from a choice of 8; the third and final round requires 3 new dubs exclusive to BeatBoss. Each producer is given one wildcard which was originally intended to be a vocal dub.


Following online qualifiers, the line up for the BeatBoss4 quarter final was:

Sware vs Huffy,
Sir Pixalot vs Scope,
Shem vs Mistakay
Potentz vs Mischief.

BeatBoss4 took place in Samurai Sound’s diverse creative space next to the recording studio, around 70 people attended the private event. Samurai Sound catered for the crowds with a DIY bar and jerk chicken served throughout the night. The majority of the crowd were involved in grime music and this was reflected in the overriding music focused vibe- people weren’t there just to drink and eat jerk chicken and listened intensely to dubs before reacting on the reloads.

The instrumentals played were judged by: Treble Clef, Discarda, J Beats, Spooky, and Zha. The whole event was streamed live on Mode FM and via Samurai Sounds’ periscope. BeatBoss4 was trending on Twitter throughout the night, reaching #1 trend at points.

Its all kickin off #beatboss #beatboss4

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The quarter finals opened with Sware taking round one against Huffy in a lively, bass heavy opening round. Reigning champion Sir Pixalot lost in a surprise defeat to Scope. Scope dropped a heavy vocal dub as his wildcard featuring Capo Lee going straight for Sir Pixalot. Sir Pixalot gave a lot of war talk and disputed Scope’s use of vocals on a dub. Sir Pixalots’ first dub in this clash is also worth a mention and got massive crowd reaction. Mistakay won against Shem and Mischief won against Potentz.

The semi final is a remix round, where artists have to choose 3 classic grime tracks picked by BeatBoss. It is a lot of pressure to live up to as the originals are already iconic beats. This year the tracks were:
Terror Danjah – Zumpi Humpta
Sir Spyro – Side by Side
Swifta Beater – M Sport
Wiley – Ice Cream Man
Ruff Sqwad – Pied Piper
Youngstar – The Formula
Spooky – Spartan
Jammz – Contender

Sware’s remix of Pied Piper was a highlight. Sware and Mistakay both won taking them through to the final fight.


So we had Sware vs Mistakay in the decider. The crowd quieted down in anticipation of the final round; all had seen what the producers were capable of. The highlight was Sware dropping an Irish traveller dub in reference to his Irish routes. Common consensus was that Sware was the deserved winner but respects were paid to Mistakay who also put in very strong work.


Out to all the producers, everyone who came down, supported on Twitter, Tiatsim & everyone at BeatBoss for organising and Mode FM for streaming the whole thing.

Full Audio of the evening can be found here:


Stay tuned for future events.

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