Young Yizzy has teamed up with Mistakay for his latest single titled, ‘LDN’. A remix of the original track produced by Swifta Beater, this release is a live wire of dark city energy.

Explosive 140BPM basslines are hammered by Young Yizzy’s hits of flows about what happens in London. The equally hard hitting, high energy visual was directed by Danny Streetz and released online with Grime Report TVThe track is proud of it’s city routes and high in energy making for massive crowd reaction. Taking note of the recent grime boom outside of London, Yizzy takes things back to our city:

“I always noticed that most of the northern MC’s would always big up their city and area code so 0161 for Manny for example… I’m making sure everyone knows what I’m representing, LDN 020… Always represent yourself and always represent where your coming from because without that background you could be a different person to who you are now. Big up wherever your from, stand up and let man know wargwan.” 

Making a name for himself as the Grime Kid, we feel this is one of the most exciting young MC’s in the city of London-  before his recent 17th birthday, Yizzy had already earned a coveted spot on NME’s 100 essential artists for 2017, along with acclaim from Mass Appeal, DIY Magazine, RWD Mag, Mixtape Madness and more. This is a story to follow – we think it’s certain he is here to stay.

With thanks to Swifta Beater, Mistakay, Danny Streetz, Lordie and Grime Report TV.

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